From the beginner to the advanced, digitalizing golf performances by cutting-edge tracing techniques.

"Toptracer Range", a hitting tracking system which can accurately analyze various data including driving distance, trajectory, ball speed, etc. is installed. It not only helps players to visualize the results of individual efforts and progresses, but also provides a different golfing experience through virtualizing the famous courses, competing with other players who are using the same system around the world, etc..


Virtual Golf (up to 4 people)

Virtual round on world-class courses is available.
Specific settings including choices of full or half play, custimized play holes, rare rounds on playing only famous holes of renowned courses, settings of handicaps depending on player's level, etc. are also featured.
Retake and give-away functions are also equipped so that the beginners can enjoy game-like golfing while the intermediate and advanced can battle with other considerable competitors around the world.


Efficient Private Practice Mode

Even the beginners can enjoy golfing without any worries as the system can accurately analyze individual data such as driving distance, trajectory and ball speed.
For the intermediate and advanced players, they can aim for the best score in the shortest time through understanding the exact figures to clarify their strengths and weaknesses.

Free Measurement (1 player)

Various shot data including carry, total driving distance, initial ball speed, trajectory, etc. are measured for each ball. Players can accurately grasp the trajectory even in the case of bad weather or blacklighting conditions to have an estimated hitting image, which is very help for practice.

Club Measurement (1 player)

Average data about individual driver, fairway wood, utility, iron, wedge and shot stability can be checked.
Each count is displayed in a different color so that the player can understand individual strengths and weaknesses.
Checking every few months and then changes become clarified at a glance.

Toptracer 30

Current level can be determined through playing tee, second and approach shots within 30 balls as doing in a normal round. Evaluations is also presented.

( APP )

Simply Linked with Smartphone Application!

Measurements by club and shot data can be transferred and stored in the application. Players can check anytime to analyze their shot tendencies and take countermeasures. In addition, players can compete with other golfers around the world through "leaderboard" function. Try it even as a test of individual ability!


6 Kinds of Games

Several games implemented which users can play with their friends or family.
"Driving Contest" and "Nearest Pin", familiar from golf competitions, can allow four players to compete against each other simultaneously. About "Driving Challenge" and "Approach Challenge", nine holes are randomly chosen from a virtual course and references such as accuracy of shots are scored. Players even the beginners can enjoy a game-like golfing experience by competing the total score.

  • Driving Contest

  • Nearest Pin

  • Driving Challenge

  • Approach Challenge

  • Point Game

  • Go Fish